About Our Company

About Our Company

We provide wide range of services including general waste disposal and treatment; heavy Equipment and vehicle rental and supplies; construction services; and general transportation services. The CEO and partners have been in this particular field since 2005.

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Our multi-disciplinary team takes the time to understand your needs and works closely with you to engineer and deliver the optimal solution for your circumstances, whilst considering the importance of optimizing costs and results.

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We do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ service offering and the inefficient excess of work this can lead to. We aim to differentiate ourselves by consistently providing intelligent and cost-effective solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

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Oil skimming

We use a variety of technologies, methods and materials to overcome the berries in the process of skimming crude oil from Open Ponds. We also provide filtration services for the skimmed oil.  We are the most efficient and economical company in this region with enormous experience in this field.

Solution to Radiated sand and water

Service and treatment solution for radiation-contaminated Equipment, Materials, Water and Sand

As well as managing, decontaminating and cleaning the radiated products, our team is very experienced in finding the best solution and dealing with radioactive contaminated Sand and Water.


Scrap metal, Waste plastic, cardboard, batteries, glass, wood pallets, & tyres

We offer services concerning the collection and disposal of different waste materials such as scrap metal, plastic, cardboard, batteries, glass, wood pallets and tyres according to National/ international environmental standards.

Sewage (Black Water and Gray Water) Treatment.

We have wide range of UpToDate technological equipment and expertise in sewage water treatment services.

Produced Water treatment.

We provide excellent service and treatment solutions for Produced water (PW) in line with KRG’s Health, Safety and Environment standards and regulations.

Oily and greasy Water treatment

All oily and greasy water from the drilling operation will be transferred and treated at either (Mariwan refinery) or (Petal Oil) which they are specialized in treating and separating oil and grease from water.

Mission and Vision

Delivering on our client’s commitments and exceeding their expectations by consistently driving quality excellence across all services.

We want to become the leading independent oil and Gas service provider in the region of Kurdistan, with the largest fleet of equipment, number of people and range of services.

Core Team

Waste Tech Consulting, Ltd.

We provide the highest quality of professional services according to the recognized international health and safety standards to our valuable clients.

Our Clients

Our clients At Waste Tech Consulting, we provide cutting-edge support and solutions that help our clients to improve their efficiency, whilst reducing the risk involved.
We provide our clients with the information they need to safely deliver their objectives, with market-leading solutions.



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